Diversifying OER through inclusive imagery

Diversifying OER through inclusive imagery

I attended my first CC Summit last week. I didn’t do much Tweeting but I have reflected on one of my favourite sessions that I attended and have included a great list of openly licenced websites that contain diverse and inclusive imagery.

Strategies for Assessing and Adapting OER for Inclusion by Suzanne Wakim, Rachel Arteaga and Mandeep Grewal

This session addressed the lack of representation in educational resources and discussed strategies that can be used to develop more inclusive resources that mirror our student populations and experiences. The speakers created a framework for reviewing Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, and Anti-Racism (IDEA) in Open Educational Resources, which stemmed from a survey they had conducted at their institution. Mandeep Grewal also developed an openly license survey that others can use as a jumping off point for assessing the representation and inclusivity of a text. The speakers emphasised that texts, including open texts are dominantly westernised, with westernised images and names. They emphasised making small changes such as:

  • Selecting images of people with different skin tones and body shapes
  • Using personal pronouns in case studies
  • Not always sticking with westernised names as examples

Their framework for reviewing inclusion, diversity and anti-racism in OERs, included nine elements:

  • Illustrations & photos
  • Example names
  • Gender
  • Researchers & studies in the field (look at the diversity of researchers and studies in your field)
  • References & credits
  • Examples & scenarios
  • Terminology
  • Metadata
  • Balanced perspectives that are relevant to underrepresented groups
  • Additional resources

More information can be found in their LibGuide. I particularly liked their additional resources, particularly their list of websites that contain diverse and inclusive imagery, which I have listed below.

Openly licenced website with diverse and inclusive imagery

Feature image by Sonaksha Iyengar licenced under CC-BY.


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