It’s time to stop stigmatising modern medicine

It’s time to stop stigmatising modern medicine

Society can’t seem to get comfortable with modern medicine. There are opinions, day in and day out, telling us not to take too many pills; that natural medicine is the “right” way to go; that antidepressants don’t really work; and that most often, the side effects of drugs aren’t worth it.

Recently, I found a drug that works on my chronic fibromyalgia-like pain…and trust me, it’s feeling pretty damn worth it.

Given that sickness and pain is universal, it’s not uncommon to hear people’s take on the drug debate. However, I’m tired of hearing uninformed blanket statements – drugs are bad, nature’s good; marijuana is and should remain illicit, and antidepressants are a fraud. These bias comments keep patients from exploring potential treatment options. I find this casually cruel.

I don’t understand why it’s so stigmatised to come out as disabled, mentally ill or as a sufferer of chronic pain, but it’s so acceptable for everyone to voice their opinions on whether you’re actually ill, and how you should and shouldn’t treat your condition.

Here are the facts: hundreds of studies have confirmed antidepressants work. Additionally, medical marijuana is helping cancer patients, by taking away the nauseous side effect of chemotherapy. This ultimately allows cancer patients to stomach food, contributing to a better and accelerated recovery.

We need to stop stigmatising modern medicine and “crazy pills.” Decrying something that could genuinely help…well, that’s true craziness.

If you’ve never experienced depression, you don’t get to comment about the validity of antidepressants. If you can’t get to sleep at night due to chronic pain, then you don’t get to remark on the use of Opioids. If you’ve never been to hospital and have had morphine injected into you every five minutes, then you don’t get to lecture someone else on the true nature of pain. If you’ve never witnessed the power of medical marijuana, then you don’t get to condemn it. If you’ve never visited a children’s hospital, you will never know the miraculous wonders of modern medicine and the heroism of the people who tirelessly devote their lives to helping others.

Right now, you may have an unfavourable opinion on modern medicine…but right now, you may also have a pain-free and healthy life.

One day, you might find yourself connected to an IV drip of chemotherapy; or you might be sitting by your child in that children’s hospital that you never once thought to visit; or maybe you can no longer walk and move the way you use to because of the pain that ripples through your body.

When that one day comes, I can guarantee you one thing – you will surely change your mind.


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